Two Person Urban Survival Pack

Three “Must Have” Items for Urban Survival

When the S#$% hits the fan you may be prepared for an complete Urban Survival situation out of the city center, but often times you must first get out of the city. That might not be so easy in a disaster situation. If you have the following three Emergency Essentials taken care of you will greatly increase your chances.

I. Get Home Bag (GHB)

You work downtown in a large city, you take the subway or a bus to work or you are in an office building on the 35th floor with thousands of other people. Imagine a disaster strikes either man made or natural and you need to get out of there. Do you have a plan in place? How are you going to get home or even down the street? You have seen people covered in dust dazed and confused after a catastrophe. Do you want to be one of them? And you say:

“But – I already have a Bug out Bag!”

You do, where? If it is in your car possibly blocks away it is no use to you. Even if you could reach your Bug Out Bag, is it packed with what you would need in this environment? Most BOBs are packed with camping supplies.

GHB’s contain an entirely distinctive set of gear and they serve one purpose – to get you from wherever you are to your home.

get home bag

How to choose an Urban Survival Bag

The GBH should include things like a pry-bar that will help you get out of the building. Supplies to help you navigate the aftermath like breathing masks and water. Equipment such as flashlights or radios you can use to help rescue others. Gear such as food and maybe shoes that will help you on what might be a long walk home.

A proper GHB is clearly not a Bug Out Bag. There are similarities however a GHB is most likely smaller weighs less has a more specific tool set and is designed for a singular purpose. Do you already have a GHB at your place of work?

Hear is a list of possible gear for your Get Home Bag:

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The Platypus Collapsible Water Bottle

Dust Mask for Toxic Dust and Debris

The Window Punch: Quieter Than a Rock

How Ear Plugs Can Make Your Urban Survival More Bearable

There are Many Uses for a Bandana

II. Bug Out Plan

bug out plan

All right: you made it to your base (home), what’s next? Assuming that the S#$% hit the fan and you have surveyed the situation. You have determined that your city is in chaos and leaving your base has become a necessity. What do you do? You are equipped with a Bug Out Bag but you must leave the city and get to a safer place. Do you have a Bug Out Plan?

Assuming you have a Bug Out Location somewhere outside of the city your Bug Out Plan needs to get you from your home base to your serious safety cache Bug Out Location. Not everyone has a proper Bug Out Location but while you are working on that you still need a Bug Out Plan. There are too many things to consider when designing a plan. Your plan while trying to bug out of your city is specific to your situation so you will have to plan for yourself. The following questions and a single rule should however be considered when preparing your plan:

  • Rule of eventual contingency: Do you have several back up plans for you way out?
  • Do you have a surface street route if the highways are shutdown?
  • Do you have an off road route if no roads are passable?
  • Do you have a planned walking or riding route if driving is out of the question?
  • Do you have a proper map in your Bug Out Bag?
  • Do you have an assigned meeting place for family members?

III. Bug In Plan


Okay let’s put it in reverse and change up the situation a bit. Assuming you just arrived at home again however you surveyed the situation and determined that there is no overwhelming pressing danger and no need for you to bug out. How do you handle this situation? When you can stay in your own home and use emergency preparedness to survive a Bug In Plan should be in place for such emergencies. Consider that water and power may not be available for an extended period of time and that for some reason you cannot leave your home at all.

To live and survive like this what plans do you have in place? A good Bug in Plan must first contain food and water provisions. Given that all of the food in your refrigerator will go bad soon consider what you will eat. You do not really need to live on the backpack meals from your Bug Out Bag. In this article I discuss how to stock the Top 100 Items that will Disappear First.

Do you have enough water stored? Do you have a plan to take care of sewage (without water there is no sewage: it’s always important to think it al through)? What about you neighbors are they unprepared and do you need to be concerned about them (to either help or guard against)? When you prepare what was discussed above – a Get Home Bag, a Bug Out Plan, and a Bug In Plan – you will be far better off than most people in a situation requiring urban survival.