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Accessories for the Ruger 10/22 and Survival Readiness

Ruger 10/22

The Benchmark for .22 Rifles the Ruger 10/22 rifle is America’s preferred .22 LR rifle, with recognized performance in a wide range of styles for every rimfire application. Introduced in 1964 the Ruger 10/22 is ideally suited for small game hunting in a survival situation. Although a stock 10/22 is good enough I have listed the top seven accessories for the Ruger 10/22 to be better prepared in for urban survival.

The Sling

This after market accessory is probably the most important item you could add to your 10/22, or any rifle for that matter. The Sling comes in handy when you need your hands free while carrying the Ruger. I look at the sling like a holster for a pistol. I would not carry a pistol with out a holster so it goes for the rifle. You can find several slings on Amazon or just about any site with outdoor gear. At this time I do not have a particular recommendation the sling for you must satisfy your personal requirements.

Simmons Scope

The Scope

There are so many options and everybody has their opinion therefore rifle scopes are often a touchy subject. Some who read this believe that a scope for a small hunting rifle is unnecessary. My recommendation is that you purchase the accessory based on your use. Is an expensive scope necessary for your inexpensive rifle if all you plan to do with it is shoot small game? Maybe not, however at $38 an inexpensive alternative might be the Simmons Truplex .22 Mag Riflescope which is specifically made for rimfire rifles and very durable. It may not win you target trophies but it will certainly help you hit rabbits.

The Magazine

You typically have two choices for magazines with the Ruger 10/22 – an after market extended magazine or the standard 10 round rotary magazine. Either works well. Be careful however with the aftermarket magazines as some are totally unreliable. One I can recommend is the Tactical Inc. TI25 Magazine. Because it is adjustable it will fit your rifle perfectly, you can disassemble it to clean it and the feed lips are made of metal so they do not wear out.

The Automatic Bolt Release

If the bolt on your Ruger 10/22 rifle is locked back to chamber a round you must pull the bolt back and push the bolt release mechanism at the same time. Just like any other rifle, the automatic bolt release replaces an original part and permits you to work the bolt without pressing the bolt lock mechanism. You need everything to be as simple as possible in an urban survival situation. The part is inexpensive and really compliments the simplicity of your rifle strategy. For $11 you can pick up the Automatic Bolt extractor by Voltquartsen at MidwayUSA.com.

The Bolt Handle

The bolt handle on the Ruger 10/22 to some is a little on the small side. MidwayUSA also provides the Voltquartsen Extended Bolt handle as an alternative to the stock bolt handle.


The Magazine Release

With the Ruger 10/22 getting the standard magazine out can be difficult sometimes because the magazine release is awkward but the Bell and Carlson Extended Magazine Release on MidwayUSA has more than 50 positive reviews and for only $7 it is probably worth a try.

The Extractor

Ruger 10/22′s work flawlessly for years without so much as a cleaning however 10/22′s have been known to be slow with extraction, especially if they are heavily used.The aftermarket extractor Volquartsen Exact Edge Extractor will throw the casings out of your rifle quickly and efficiently which will go a long way towards putting dinner on your fire in a survival situation.

What aftermarket after market accessories have you purchased for your 10/22?

Do You Need A Personal Defense Weapon?

The Personal Defense Weapon or PDW was created by the gun manufacturers for us to have in our arsenal but do you really need one or do we just just want one?

The sub-machine gun is the closest cousin to the PDW with the main difference between the two being that the sub-machine gun fires a 9mm pistol round and the PDW fires a proprietary armor-piercing round. This PDW class of weapons has evolved into a gun that sits between the pistol and the carbine.


The market for Personal Defense Weapons hasn’t exactly set the world on fire.  With the evolution of Short Barrel Rifles (SBRs) or carbines with shorter barrels the need for the PDW dropped considerably. During the late 1980s PDWs were developed for troops who were confined to tight areas  needing a weapon that could engage enemy body armor.

The PDW was the perfect weapon for drivers of all military vehicles.  in the world of Executive Protection it also has a place as a weapon to be easily concealed under coat and bring firepower to the fight if needed.


I believe the PDW is often overlooked in a survival scenario. They are low recoil, light weight, super high capacity magazines and are a perfect mix between the power of a rifle and the conceal-ability of a pistol.  Can you hunt with one?  It is not ideal but it is possible.  In a survival scenario there is a good chance you will have to move locations and when you do you will mostly likely be in your car or truck. With experience you know it is painful at best to fire a rifle or shotgun from a car.

Pistols are fairly easy to master in a car but you might be bringing a pistol to rifle fight. This is where the PDW shines; it’s the perfect weapon for driving when the SHTF.  In addition it looks good under a trench coat (See movie – The Matrix).  PDW’s make the  perfect convoy weapon with some carrying up to 50 rounds in a single magazine (FN P90) and very compact.


What gives the PDW a distinct advantage over a rifle is it’s ability to be stowed under a coat or in bag . The PDW is the perfect tool for situations when you are traveling where you want to keep a low profile and not be bothered.  With a PDW you will have the element of surprise and sustainable firepower to back you up if someone picks a fight.  a PDW’s small size might come in handy with limited space in your bug out vehicle.

The Problem 

MP9 Submachine Gun PDW

The round itself is a major flaw with the PDW is.  When TSHTF Personal Defense Weapon rounds will be harder to find than a needle in a haystack.  Depending on the manufacturer PDW rounds are all different  and costly. you can pretty much toss the weapon aside once you finish your supply of ammunition because the chance of finding more ammunition for your particular PDW will not be very likely.  Also,  they will not be ideal for hunting or any engagement over 200 yards because they are under powered carbine rounds.

Is there a place for a PDW in TEOTWAWKI?

The short answer is “No”, the long answer is “Yes”.  The first concern would be your budget, if you only have enough money for a rifle or a pistol, then I would start with a AR-15 or a 12 Gauge Shotgun or if you are going the pistol route, a Glock 17.  For your main SHTF weapon I would look at accessories, spare parts, and ammunition as a guide for what you should purchase.  The ammunition and spare parts and will be a considerable problem for the PDW in a pinch.

The Answer 


The PDW is an excellent alternative with it’s low recoil, high capacity magazines, lethal self-defense rounds, ease of use and maintenance if you have teenage kids, are someone with limited gun experience, you are a smaller frame person, or have a disability that effects your upper body strength.

If you have good upper body strength and have experience with a gun then a full size rifle or shotgun might make better sense for you from a physical stand point.

Another consideration for WTSHTF is if you plan to travel 40 miles or more to your bug out location and you have the budget for extra firepower then the PDW might be the perfect bug out buddy for you in the front seat.  A convoy is the PDW’s best use with high capacity magazines and the ability to shoot through car windows.


  • Concealable
  • Light weight and easy to operate
  • High capacity magazines
  • Low recoil


  • Proprietary ammunition
  • Expensive
  • Under powered ammunition
  • Difficult to find spare parts


Notable PDW’s:
HK MP7 (German)
FN P90 (Belgium)
PP-2000 (Russian)
Knight’s Armament PDW (United States)

PDW Cartridges







A shotgun is a valuable tool that should be considered when preparing for survival.  The issue with a shotgun is that it has less range than a rifle but is more powerful than a pistol and it is not always apparent when or how to deploy it. Here are six solid reasons every survivalist should consider having one.

Power & Performance

When it comes to power a shotgun is a huge step up in force from a handgun.  Shotguns have been solid performers since their creation. Law enforcement has chosen the shotgun as its goto crowd controller for more than one-hundred years. They were used with great effect in the trenches of world war I and continue to this day to be the preferred home protection solution.

Shotshell Comparison







Versatility of Ammunition

Other arms cannot fire multiple types of rounds like the shotgun can. There are several types of shotgun rounds including bird shot for small game or rounds like beanbags meant to stop unwarranted encounters without causing death.  You can purchase expensive systems to deploy less leathal rounds however the shotgun is the only system capable of fireing both types of rounds.








Price & Availability

It is very easy to find Shotguns for sale and they are less expensive than most rifles.  With less than two hundred dollars you can walk into a local sports store and purchase a shotgun throughout the United States. So you can afford to upgrade your emergency preparedness. While you can continue to save for the more expensive semi-automatic rifle you can also charge up your fire power while you save. Remember you may have a team member who is short a long arm and becuase the shotgun is so inexpensive you would not mind handing one out to upgrade their firepower.








Legislative Protection

One major benefit of the shotgun is that legislators look upon it as a sporting firearm and therefore would make it the last type of weapon to be legislated against or even banned. In some cities like Chicago it’s legal to own a shotgun where as handguns and large capacity magazines are illegal in all cases.  Understanding the law and how it applies to weaponry can be extremely helpful for the urban survivalist.

Ease of Maintenance

Most shotguns are very easy to maintain.  You can clean and maintain a pump shotgun cheap and easy with both commercial and improvised supplies.  A cleaning kit can take up no more than the space of a coffee mug if you wish.  You can pack a spare cleaning kit in your Bug Out Bag and not worry about it going bad or ruining the contents of your pack.  Improvised supplies are all dual use items, making maintenance even easier.










Many shotguns are modular. For example  you can swap out the short barrel on a basic Mossberg 500 “home defense” model with a long game barrel and hunt duck, dear or rabbit.  You can even swap the furniture from wood to a synthetic to reduce it’s weight and increase it’s strength.  You can also change the stock for a pistol grip if you want to carry it on your backpack. There are many options so choose wisely as all it takes is one unneccary part to compromise the entegrity of your weapon.

A shotgun should not be the only weapon in your survival toolkit, but it should be considered as part of the arsenal. A shotgun can be a powerful and adaptable tool for many situations.  There are some limitations but it is still obvious that cost, adaptability, force, and diversity,are the main strengths of the shotgun for Urban Survival

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