The Urban Survival Tin

Urban Survival TinUrban Survival Tin
The Urban Survival Tin

Urban Survival Tin

Google “survival kit” and you will discover copiousness ways to survive in the wilderness. However, what about those of us schlepping through subways, freeway gridlock, or traversing a cubicle farm? This then, tiny urban survival kit is designed for us.

Let us start with the container. Altoids arrive in a perfectly sized, reusable curiously strong tin. It appears these days that the Altoids marketing people market the packaging more than the contents. They are currently influencing Facebook followers to devise ‘Tininnovations’ and some like the one in this article are remarkable ways to reuse the tin.

In an urban survival scenario it is a good idea to have good tools on you. The Victorinox Classic SD is a good alternative but Leatherman Squirt P4 is the centerpiece of this Altoids survival kit. The nail imparts a sharp point provides a spool for dental floss and duct tape. Remember razor blades take up very little room and give you plenty of edge. Size a Pilot G2 Mini refill down to fit and add a few sheets of paper for emergency annotations or games of tic-tac-toe. Aluminum foil is classic survival stuff and rounds out the tool portion of your kit perfectly.

Hold it together with inner tube slices from bicycle tires, also known as “ranger bands” in the serious world of survival, are perfect to keep the container and it’s entireties shut. Together with duct tape, regular rubber bands, dental floss, and heavy gauge steel wire you are ready to tie, stick, or fasten your way into or out of any situation.

A birthday candle and a mini lighter are all you need in the heat and fire department. With a few coin cells, a white led, and the duct tape, you will be able to fasten a mini light. Use tin foil around the LED to form a reflector for extra intensity.

What to do when the girl sitting next to you appears to be in distress? Present her an ibuprofen, an antacid, a stick of Orbit gum, a band-aid or a cold medicine caplet or some lip balm. Blistex is in a one oz tube, which is just the right size for the urban survival tin.

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